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Ours is a demanding craft. One that places a premium on interaction and mutual understanding. One that requires the strictest attention to detail, superior knowledge of technology and design, and the commitment and ability to respond to everyday factors, such as budgets and deadlines, which so crucially affect the job at hand.

Communication exists in myriad forms. It can be visual, It can be verbal, It can be tactile, and always it must be precise. As specialists in the creation of finished models for business and industry, Visual CNC, is entrusted with a unique communication task: transforming a client's vision into reality.

We work with you at every stage to ensure precision. We're especially adept in all forms of CAD technology. We work from existing CAD files, a variety of data formats, or from something as simple as a sketch.

We understand where you want to go with your design. Our CAD/CAM software defines precise tool paths to your original computer files. From here, we can machine a finished mold, or develop a pattern for soft tooling.

We have the ability to produce superior quality molded prototypes from our own CAD/CAM process, stereolithography, or existing patterns, a useful option, when multiple models are required for presentation or testing.

For over two decades, we have helped clients communicate thoughts and dreams through precision model making. It is a pursuit which has called for dedication, professionalism, and diligence.

Our models and prototypes reflect the profession's highest standards. We work with a variety of materials - rigid or flexible, clear or painted - to produce visually and functionally exceptional models. If you can imagine it, we can produce it.

As we look ahead, it is a challenge for which we are uniquely prepared. With state-of-the-art technology, refined skills, and creative minds.

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